Our Directors

Mr. Narayan Singh Rao


Being an active leader and disciplined personality Mr. Narayan Singh Rao is managing the entire regime of the organization. Having remarkable management skills developed through hard work and from years of experience. Born and brought up in village Aidana, District Rajsamand Mr. Narayan Singh Rao is very keen and energetic towards long-term decision making. Being the eldest son of Mr. Vijay Singh Rao, he is heading the organization and successfully looking after the arrangement and allocation of resources.

Mr. Prem Singh Rao


Born and brought up in Aidana, Rajsamand Mr. Prem Singh Rao is the younger brother of Mr. Narayan Singh Rao, he is very steady & systematic in behavioral aspects as well as towards work also. Having a long experience of more than 20 years in the construction industry, he is a good executor of the company’s commitments, his resource utilization skills and mathematical approach is a unique strength. Mr. Prem Singh Rao is among the top management and looking after the project implementation activities.

Mr. Dilip Singh Rao


Born and brought up in Aidana, Rajsamand, Mr. Dilip Singh Rao is next to Mr. Prem Singh Rao, he is a young, dynamic, and energetic leader of the organization. Mr. Singh has finished post-graduation in arts from M.L.S. University, Udaipur, from the start of the career he has participated in many social welfare programs, due to sociability he is eminent among the employees of the organization, along with plant and machinery segment, he also looks after the implementation of the projects awarded to the company. He has a track record of completion of the project before the scheduled period.

Mr. Ravi Singh Rao


Into the 3rd Generation, having qualification of M.B.A. Mr. Ravi Singh Rao is elder son of Mr. Narayan Singh Rao, he is following the path of success on foot print marked by his father, having broad vision and management skills he has involved into the business easily and managing different project efficiently since a decade. He is technology oriented which facilitate him hard work with smart work too. Mr. Ravi is involved in various social activities and fulfilling his social responsibilities towards society very efficiently.

Mr. Sandeep Devaria

Technical Director

Having graduated from MBM College, J.N.U., Jodhpur with the degree of B.E. (Civil), Hons., Mr. Sandeep Devaria is the technical backbone of the company. He has been in the field for a very long time. With the experience of more than 28 years, Mr. Sandeep Devaria has played a vital role in the growth of the company. He briefly worked for a civil engineering Contractor Company. Mr. Sandeep Devaria fulfills the engineering requirements single-handedly of the company. Apart from the engineering skills he has shown his entrepreneur skills through his hard work. Being a pioneer, with his vision and courage, the company has expanded business towards diversified segments and to different parts of the county. It is his skills and experience that the company is continuously achieving prestigious projects by quoting the offers as per trend and continuously rising among the top infrastructure players.

Mr. Ravi Singh Rao


Mr. Ravi Singh is elder son of Mr. Narayan Singh Rao, he is actively grasp the key industry factors and presently looking major highway project management. He has started his journey with the organization in year 2012, has qualification of Master in Business Administration.

Mr. Abhishek Singh Rao


Mr. Abhishek is younger to Mr. Ravi Singh Rao, Graduate in civil Engineering. He joined the RIPL team in year 2016.

Mr. Ankit Singh Rao


Mr. Ankit has completed LLB and has joined the RIPL Team in year 2018.

Mr. Bhushan Mehta


Mr. Bhushan Mehta is looking after entire finance and accounts section of company; he has joined the organization in year 2010 and successfully managed and systemized the account and finance operations of the company. Mr. Bhushan Mehta is Company Secretary. The senior most executive responsible for managing the financial actions of a company.

Mr. J S Rathore

General Manager – Business Develoment

Mr. J S Rathore is working with Ravi Infra since year 2006 and he is looking after Business Development as well as contract management section of the organization. Mr. J S Rathore is a post graduate in commerce with PGDBA (Finance Mgt.) and have Diploma in Civil Engineering.

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